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The Best alternative of Reddit r/NFLStreams. NFL Stream Community

NFLStreamPass.com is The Best alternative of Reddit r/NFLStreams

On Reddit, there ware some sports stream community. Like SoccesStreams, NBAStreams, NFLStreams, MMAStreams, etc. All the community is banned by reddit itself for copyright issue but NFLStreams. Even though the subreddit r/NFLStreams still alive, it’s gonna be banned very soon.

As we have seen in the first week of NFL preseason, reddit deleting all streaming link to response copyright action.

If the violation keep going on, that means if the community continue it activities then it must be banned.

Even the new community being created on reddit that one also will be banned within a few days. As we are watching in the soccer community.

That’s the reason that makes us think about it’s alternative.


As a result, We have launched nflstreampass.com as an alternative of r/nflstreams. and we believe till now this is the best NFL stream community online.

All reddit activities are available here. The streamer is free to submit their stream. TO pick up the best stream we have implemented a voting system like reddit. Where view will vote to good stream and the stream would get the most vote will take place on top.

IF viewer has any complaint about the stream they can simply replay the stream so the moderator can take action.

Note: If you face any difficult behavior browsing this site then please let it know the admin by contact.